This is a community project for Respawn’s Titanfall 2 adding community server and modding support. I did not work at Respawn on the actual Titanfall 2, as much as I would’ve loved to.


These contributions have been made in C++ using the reverse engineered Titanfall 2 binaries wrapped by NorthstarLauncher.

  • Exposed the ability to make HTTP requests to Squirrel scripts, allowing modders to create mods that interface with APIs.
  • Added a useful callback for when a mod is unloaded so scripts can do some cleanup (Destroy() callback).
  • Add some useful functions to retrieve the local player’s unique online ID or to disconnect players on the server.
  • Some misceallenous bug and crash fixes.


A mod and API I have created for the community and isn’t a part of Northstar itself.

  • Created the Spyglass mod, which is a global sanction manager allowing server owners to use a public sanctions database curated by the Northstar community.
  • Wrote an API using ASP.NET in C# that allows the mod to query sanctions for a player (Spyglass.NET).
  • The mod and C# code is completely open source and can be seen here.