Warning: This is an unannounced project for which the elements may or may not be under NDA. As such, no precision will be given in the statements below.


Online Services

  • Added connectivity to the Epic Online Services to allow cross-platform gameplay using P2P.
  • Linked the Steamworks API to the Epic Online Services in order to use Steam for development purposes.
  • Wrote a plugin wrapping the EOS Online Subsystem to give developers easy access using Blueprints.
  • Usage of Online Beacons to allow players to query additional information about a session they want to join.

Gameplay Programming

  • Implemented a day/night cycle using real-world data from online archives. This would give the game approximately the same sun and moon positions as a specific place in the world at a given date and time.
  • Created a weather system that would also use statistical data from an online database that would match the location and time of the day/night cycle.
  • Refactored the Ultra Dynamic Sky plugin to use the above systems for sun/moon and weather.
  • Created a lighting solution that would allow to have external lighting bleed into a vehicle in a realistic manner with little performance cost.
  • Worked on the networking aspects to have vehicles with passengers in them while still giving passengers ownership of the elements they are allowed to control.